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Michael Sven Seyfert:

At the age of 5 Michael started to make music spanking the piano keys with a little wooden toy hammer. His father had to repair the keys after Michael had damaged them. Pretty quick Michael figured out how to use his fingers instead – and it worked much better.

To Michael’s luck his father was a good piano player and so he started to give his son piano lessons for the first years. Even Michael’s great-grandfather’s father Carl August Seyfert used to play the piano and the organ, composed his own pieces of music and wrote his own chant book back in 1827.

In the following years M. S. Seyfert’s ears and feeling for music were trained by the well known church music director Friedmar Bellmann in Pasewalk. Than M. S. Seyfert decided to step into the new school of the modern classic- and popmusic. For that he took lessons in piano and synthesizing at Curt Lewin an expert in that field of musica. Besides developing his skills in playing music he learned to compose and to improvise his own pieces of music.

During his training as a communication technician and network administrator M. S. Seyfert kept on training his music skills autodidactically and by playing, improvising and composing his own music.

Today M. S. Seyfert creates an accompanying with music in Hotels, Castles, Palaces etc. for special feasts and events. To convince yourselves of the stylish music and the high sound quality and pleasure you find an example at the sound gallery and can request Michael S. Seyfert for your own events or celebrations.